Monday, 29 September 2014

BBC Film - Marvellous - Neil Baldwin - Christadelphians mentioned

Last week on Thursday 25th September 2014 on BBC2 there was a rather special, emotional and inspiring film shown showing the life of one amazing man called Neil Baldwin. 

" Marvellous is a new film about the extraordinary real-life story of Neil Baldwin - a man who refused to accept the label of learning difficulties and confounds all expectations." - Peter Bowker, Writer.

You can watch the program on BBC here: for a limited time.

picture obtained from the BBC website.

Neil Baldwin has had such an eventful life, meeting so many amazing people along the way. Who ever he meets he leaves an impression on them, you would not forget meeting Neil Baldwin. Neil was a man tagged at school with the “learning difficulties” who then went on to become a Circus Clown, Lay Preacher, unofficial student greeter at Keele University and Stoke City kit man. 

Watch the Trailer here: 

The significance of this film is the mention of Neils mother who was a Christadelphian. Neil himself was a firm believer in God as well. It is not very often Christadelphians are mentioned on television, so it was lovely to hear this during the film.
A related article here from the Guardian shows how Neils mother brought him up as a Christadelhpian. 

"Baldwins mum was a Christadelphian and brought him up better". - the Guardian in article on BBC2 Marvellous TV film to be shown this week. Guardian article - Marvellous

 After the airing of this film the Google searches for Christadelphians tripled! Have a search yourself ans see what else you can find out about our wonderful community. Or alternatively come along to our Church and visit us anytime and see what we get up to together.

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